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Task 1: Visit a location
a. Describe your first impression of the location and building.
b. Take a very close look at the place, if possible going into the building, and try to find out as much as you can about the place.
c. What happens in the film at this particular place? Why in your opinion has the film maker chosen this particular place/street/building?
d. Write down three things which are different in the film from what you actually see before you (e.g. people, street furniture, traffic).
e. Now take five photographs or video pictures of this place from a variety of different angles.
f. (For students studying German) Ask three people in the street for a brief interview and try to find out what they know about the historical importance/background of this place.

Task 2. Choose your own location
a. Have a look in the surrounding area for one or more locations which you think might be suitable for one of the following themes:
- loneliness
- being in love
- identity
b. Give brief reasons for your choice.
c. Take photographs of this location from different angles: long-, mid-distance and close-up shots.

Task 3: Choose a particular film genre
a. Choose a genre of film from the list below and look for suitable locations. Try to find buildings and streets which in your opinion most lend themselves to the type of film you have chosen:
1. Horror
2. Romance
3. Sci-fi
4. Action
b. In a few sentences say why you have chosen these locations.
c. Take photographs of these locations from different points.

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