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Additional tasks

Specialist teachers frequently accompany schools trips of a cultural nature so teachers from subject areas such as art/art education, German, history and/or politics/citizenship may be interested in accompanying a visit to Berlin.Here are some interdisciplinary tasks which could help those taking part to get even more out of the experience:
A. Interdisciplinary: German, history and art
Using so-called taglines the students try to work out for themselves the storyline as well as the historical context of the three German feature films of the Film Trips project:
Good Bye, Lenin!, Lola rennt and Das Leben der Anderen.
A tagline is a catchy short phrase which summarises the content of a film.

Ask your students to answer (in writing) the following questions in German:

• What is a tagline called in German?
• What is the function of a tagline?
• What are the German taglines for the three German films Good Bye Lenin!, Lola rennt and Das Leben der Anderen?
• Which is your favourite tagline, or which do you find the funniest or most appealing and why?
• What kind of films do you expect from reading these three taglines?
• What political differences were there between East and West Berlin between 1945 and 1989?
• What was the exact purpose of the Berlin Wall?
• Watch one of the three films and describe in approx. 100 words (in German) what kind of (historical) picture this film gives of Berlin.

B. Interdisciplinary: German, Theory of Society and Art
In each of the four films in Film Trips Berlin identity plays an important part. Ask your students to write an essay in German on how this theme is exploited in one of the four films from the point of view of content and the techniques employed in filming it.

C. Interdisciplinary: German and Art
The students visit the locations of a film were one of the scenes was filmed. This is where actions took place, people met and spoke to each other. After this ask the students to write their own dialogue for two people at a location of their choice in Berlin. Two people meet, one from former East Berlin, the other from West Berlin. They recognise each other. What do they say to each other, what questions do they ask each other? This dialogue should be written in German. The students should also take a picture of this location featuring the two people.

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